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Writing. Editing. Publishing. Marketing.

I’m a freelance editor with a degree in marketing, so I cover the full range of topics on by blog. On this page, I take you through my best content on each topic. First, writing.

Writing, Revision, and Self-editing

How do you write a novel? Here are my top tips:

Plot and Structure

Plot and structure are two of the foundations of a good novel. The others are genre, theme, and characterisation.

There are a range of tools to help authors plot a good story with a structure that doesn’t drag. These include:

There is also the micro-structure: the scene.

Scene, Sequel and Summary


Writers need to write in a clear genre. Over the last two years, Australasian Christian Writers has posted regular articles discussing different fiction and nonfiction genres. Jeanette O’Hagan summarises the articles in this post.


Does my Main Character Have to be Likeable?

Mechanics of Writing

Use Show, Don’t Tell

How to Identify Telling

Other Writing Questions


At some point, you’re going to ask this question: Is my novel good enough to publish?


How long will it take to edit my novel (and how much will it cost)?


All authors need to understand the various paths to publishing so they can make the best decision for them (and not spend their life savings on publishing through a vanity press that promises the world and ends up paying $2 in royalties).
If you decide to pursue a big-name traditional publisher, then you will probably need a literary agent. If you’re writing for the Christian market, you’ll want a Christian agent. How do I find a Christian Literary Agent?
You might get a contract with a small press. Is that a good idea? Should I publish with a small press?
There are a lot of scams in the writing world. What should writers pay for, and what should they be wary of?


As content creators, we need to understand the basics of copyright. This series of posts includes basic information about copyright so we can ensure we’re not infringing on someone else’s copyright:


If you choose to self-publish, then you’ll need to include certain information in the front and back of your books: your front and back matter:

You’ll also need a book cover. Here are my design tips: Book Cover Design


Many people—especially Christians—have a negative view of marketing. Good marketing isn’t the spam-spam-spam we see every day. It’s finding and serving others. That’s how we market in a God-centred way.

How do we keep God first in marketing?

Modern writers need to do more than write. They need to market as well. That means understanding the basics of marketing, and building an author platform.



Social Media

Email Newsletters


Book Reviews

All authors want book sales. They also want book reviews:

  • Because readers use reviews in making their purchase decisions.
  • Because advertisers like BookBub look at reviews and ratings before deciding whether to accept an advertisement.

Click here to read Reviewing 101 | All You Need to Know About Reviewing Online for links to my best blog posts on reviews and reviewing.