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What is Christian Fiction?

Dear Editor | What is Christian Fiction?

Last week, I discussed the difficulty of defining Christian fiction, and covered six things that don’t define Christian fiction: The author The publisher The organisation The bookseller The content The world view Today I’m going to look at four different definitions of Christian fiction … all of which are valid, and all of which leave …

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What is a Christian Book?

Dear Editor | What is a Christian Book?

What is a Christian Book? This seems like a simple question to answer—and it can be, especially in non-fiction: Bible studies and devotional books are clearly Christian in nature. Memoirs or biographies of Christians are clearly Christian. There are also a huge number of Christians writing in the self-help genre, ranging from obviously Christian topics …

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Introducing the Christian Retail Association

Publishing News | Introducing the Christian Retail Association

There have been several major changes in the Christian publishing market over the last few years, including the rise of Amazon as a publisher and retailer of Christian books, and the demise of Family Christian Stores and Lifeway Stores. Many Christian publishers have pulled back on the number of books they publish, especially fiction. There …

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All You Need to Know about Reviewing Online

Reviewing 101 | All You Need to Know about Reviewing Online

All authors want book sales. They also want book reviews (especially Amazon reviews), because readers use reviews in making their purchase decisions, and because advertisers like BookBub look at reviews and ratings before deciding whether to accept an advertisement. I’ve been actively reviewing books online since 2011, and I now have over 1,000 published reviews …

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