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Dear Editor | Does my Main Character have to be Likeable?

Dear Editor | Does my Main Character Have to be Likeable?

I often see writers discussing whether their characters have to be likeable. Obviously not all characters have to be likeable: the role of the antagonist is often to be unlikeable. But what about our main character? Do our main characters have to be likeable? Is this a good #WriteTip, or more #BadWritingAdvice? In my manuscript …

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Dear Editor: Deity Pronouns - Should we Capitalize Pronouns Referring to God or Jesus?

Dear Editor: Should we Capitalize Pronouns Referring to God or Jesus?

Dear Editor: Should we Capitalize Deity Pronouns? This question has recently been raised in one of the (many) Facebook groups I’m a member of. This group happened to be a Christian reader group, but it’s a question that seemingly flummoxes readers and writers alike. Do we need to capitalize personal pronouns when referring to God? …

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Amazon Geoblocking

Geoblocking on Amazon: 13 Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Switch from Amazon.com to Amazon Australia

Authors (and readers) woke up over the weekend and found that thousands of books had disappeared from the Amazon store. Only they hadn’t. Really. Except they had. Let’s take a look … Here is the paperback version of Solo Tu by Narelle Atkins on Amazon.com: It’s USD 8.99, which is around NZ 13.36 (or NZD …

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Giving feedback on a beta read

Dear Editor | How Do I Give Critical Feedback on a Beta Read?

It’s an awkward situation. An author friend has asked you to beta-read their book, and you agreed. But it needs work. What do you say when giving feedback? Here are four possible approaches to giving feedback: Be complimentary Be clueless Be complimentary and critical Be critical Be Complimentary Personally, I don’t think being complimentary is …

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Should Authors Review?

Should Authors Review? (An #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop Post)

This week I’m addressing a question many authors ask: should authors review? First, let’s back up to a more important question: Should authors read? Yes! “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” (Stephen King, On Writing) My personal view is that authors …

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Promotional Content

Reviewing 101: Understanding Promotional Content on Amazon

Last week I introduced the Amazon Community Guidelines and the concept of promotional content. Amazon give examples of what isn’t permitted on their About Customer Reviews page. This week we are going to go through those examples: A product manufacturer posts a review of their own product, posting as an unbiased shopper. Amazon doesn’t permit reviews …

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