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Amazon Geoblocking

Geoblocking on Amazon: 13 Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Switch from Amazon.com to Amazon Australia

Authors (and readers) woke up over the weekend and found that thousands of books had disappeared from the Amazon store. Only they hadn’t. Really. Except they had. Let’s take a look … Here is the paperback version of Solo Tu by Narelle Atkins on Amazon.com: It’s USD 8.99, which is around NZ 13.36 (or NZD …

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Giving feedback on a beta read

Dear Editor | How Do I Give Critical Feedback on a Beta Read?

It’s an awkward situation. An author friend has asked you to beta-read their book, and you agreed. But it needs work. What do you say when giving feedback? Here are four possible approaches to giving feedback: Be complimentary Be clueless Be complimentary and critical Be critical Be Complimentary Personally, I don’t think being complimentary is …

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Common Author Questions about Reviewing

Reviewing 101 | Common Author Questions about Reviewing

Today I’m answering three questions I often get asked in relation to reviewing: Should I recommend books I haven’t read? Can I copy my reviews? What can I do if my reviews are deleted? Should I Recommend Books I Haven’t Read? Can you review books you haven’t read on Amazon? Yes—just look at all the …

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Should Authors Review?

Should Authors Review? (An #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop Post)

This week I’m addressing a question many authors ask: should authors review? First, let’s back up to a more important question: Should authors read? Yes! “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” (Stephen King, On Writing) My personal view is that authors …

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Promotional Content

Reviewing 101: Understanding Promotional Content on Amazon

Last week I introduced the Amazon Community Guidelines and the concept of promotional content. Amazon give examples of what isn’t permitted on their About Customer Reviews page. This week we are going to go through those examples: A product manufacturer posts a review of their own product, posting as an unbiased shopper. Amazon doesn’t permit reviews …

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Understanding Amazon Community Guidelines

Reviewing 101: Understanding Amazon Community Guidelines

There is a lot of confusion regarding what is permitted in terms of online reviewing. This isn’t helped by the fact that each site has their own rules, and some enforce them more than others. Today I’m going to take you through the Amazon Community Guidelines, which cover writing reviews. I’ve chosen Amazon because for …

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Book Reviewing 101 | How to Ask Bloggers for Book Reviews

Book Reviewing 101 | How to Ask Bloggers for Book Reviews

My previous post discussed how to get honest book reviews (answer: Ask). This week I’m looking at some of the finer points of how to approach potential book reviewers, especially bloggers. First, and most important … Don’t ask them to review something completely inappropriate Please don’t waste the reviewer’s time by asking them to review …

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How to Get Book Reviews

How to Get (Honest) Book Reviews (An #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop Post)

This post is part of the monthly Author ToolBox Blog Hop, organised by Raimey Gallant. We now have over 40 blogs participating. To find more Blog Hop posts: Click here to visit the main Blog Hop page Click here to find our posts on Twitter Click here to find our Pinterest board How to Get …

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Seven Works Creators Can't Copyright—And Why Not

Copyright for Writers | Seven Works Creators Can’t Copyright

Over the last four weeks, I’ve covered various aspects of copyright and copyright law: Understanding Copyright Using Copyrighted Material Understanding Fair Use and Fair Dealing Using Images in Blog Posts This week I’m discussing seven works creators can’t copyright—and why not. Note: I’m not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. You get legal …

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